Technical Expertise


Offering an exceptional portfolio of capabilities and technologies

  • We only hire the best

    High level engineers participating in a variety of the aerospace fields including structures stress, design, interiors engineering and tooling design. Windspeed hires only the best engineers available in the aerospace Industry.

  • Flexibility

    Windspeed has the ability to rapidly increase the number of engineers as needed to meet new and existing program requirements.

  • Consultant DERs guide the team

    Consultant DERs who provide guidance to the team for product certification purposes when needed.

  • Quality & On-time

    High quality and on-time delivery of engineering work.

  • Analyses & Reports

    Our analyses and reports are recognized by FAA and readily certifiable.

Areas of expertise

Our areas of core competence have been proven over time

  • expertise-1 expertise-mob-1

    Primary & Secondary aircraft structure including

    • Fuselage structure
    • Wing structure
    • Empennage structure
  • expertise-2 expertise-mob-2

    Aircraft systems

    • Equipment installation
    • Potable/Waste water systems
    • Environmental control systems
  • expertise-3 expertise-mob-3

    Aircraft Interiors

    • VIP custom interior installation
    • Galleys, overhead storage bins, lavatories, seats, etc.
    • Crew rest module design and installation
  • expertise-4 expertise-mob-4

    Aerospace tooling design

    • Aircraft Assembly Jigs and Fixtures
    • Material Handling Carts
    • Final Assembly Tooling